Sunday, August 5, 2012

Be Strong

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to (thanks sf). I know, I know, my new-found life approach is all rainbows and butterflies. But you know what? Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes, it just plain sucks. And sometimes, you get upset by things that really shouldn't even upset you. Like, for example, your exhusband getting engaged.

I have found myself in a very -no, extremely- happy place in life. There was a bit of a rough patch that included losing myself in a long-term relationship that ended with a short-lived marriage (the self-proclaimed worst decision I have ever made), but through all of it, I was so very lucky to find myself again, and I was even so very luckier to have found my person (xx tt). Stress: I have no regrets, no hesitation, and would change absolutely nothing about my life. But receiving this news, I have to say, I was thrown for a bit of a loop.

No, I haven't looked at his facebook page, nor do I plan to. When I said that is a part of my life that I don't think about or care about anymore I wasn't lying. Does it make me a little happier knowing that the ring is hideous? Of course it does. (and yes, this has been confirmed by a few additional parties at this point. I won't look, but I will have my besties do it for me).

I'm feeling a run coming on. Even in this 90+ degree heat, maybe it is necessary. Let's get the house cleaned up first, and then make that decision. I'm finding that working out is really a great outlet. It used to be shoe shopping. Who knew that kind of switcheroo would ever happen?!!!

And.. I'm done ranting. Back to butterflies.

Recipe of the Day:
White Bean & Poblano Chicken Chili

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