Saturday, August 11, 2012

Home Alone

Does this happen to you? When you're super bored and have nothing to do, you get hungry? And not just hungry. Like.. crave everything in life that's bad for you, hungry. Ravage through the fridge, freezer, and pantry, hungry. Like.. eat everything in sight (if you let yourself), hungry. Yea, that's where I am today. And for whatever reason, all I want in life is one of my grandmother's sausage "appys". They are salty and cheesy and spicy and heaven in the form of a little, lumpy biscuit. I can't get them out of my head.

You may have figured out by now, I do not do well on my own. I need to be constantly entertained, and I have been this way ever since I can remember. My mother I'm sure would agree as well. This has improved a bit as I've gotten older, but I just hate being alone. I'm not sure if this is one of the charming qualities I have inherited from the infamous Lil, but it's one I'm stuck with.

Everyone who knew my grandmother says that I am exactly like her. Passionate, feisty, worried, and stubborn. I think the B word would have been used, often, if it had been allowed. All the wonderful things that come along with being a woman, Irish, and born in the month of November. I wish that I could have known her in my adult life, because I think I could have learned a lot from her. Its amusing to me that all the fiery parts of my personality are from her. I can only assume the rest is too. I suppose that it only makes sense that I love zebra print and modern style (her fave colors were black, white and red), one of my favorite meals is a hot turkey dinner (Thanksgiving was always held at Nan's house), and that in my most bored-est state, I crave her famous sausage appys.

Even thinking about them makes me feel like I need to work out. :)

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