Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

I love Max Burger in West Hartford CT. Like, I love it. Particularly the "Miss Daisy" with its luscious Brie or the "inside out" oozing with ooey gooey goodness. And I'm sorry, but don't get me started on their Max n Cheese.

Currently, however, in my dieting state, I cannot indulge in such pleasures. And that just plain sucks. But luckily for me (a sucker for a Thursday night out in the Center), there are yummy healthier options than a cheeseburger.

Tonight, while I most definitely stole 3 of tt's sweet potato fries, ate 4 of my Chinese fried noodles, and maybe, just maybe enjoyed some Pinot, I also had their blackened scallop salad. And oh-EM-gee, was it good. Not much to it besides lettuce, scallops and a little corn/black bean salsa, but tasty.

If you've never been to Burger, go there. That is all.

xo Coleen

PS- Don't tell my "trainer" about the wine. Kthanks. ;)

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