Wednesday, November 28, 2012

'tis the season to smile- It's cold, but we'll be freezing in style

So, I had my first "random" comment on my blog today!!! (thanks @brooke) -- It made me so happy. I hope that I am as entertaining and amusing to the world wide web as I think that I am. I really would love to be a "blogger" -- although I think my recipe page is probably more of interest to the general public.

What types of blogs do you find the most interesting? Do you like the day to day? Do you like to see recipes/"how to's"? I am wondering if I should have one focus and throw myself into it, as opposed to having 2 separate pages where I have my ever-so-witty commentary about life, and then add in my favorite recipes.

((side note, I definitely update the recipe page more often than this one - make it a favorite:

Recipe of the day:
Chili (Cheater)

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