Saturday, December 15, 2012

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Yesterday, December 14th, 2012, Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary, with the intent of causing some damage. It deeply saddens me to think that someone could take the lives of so many sweet and innocent children, someone's babies, this close to the holidays. Let alone, taking the lives of their own parents, other people's parents. It sickens me, I can't even keep from tearing up writing this. Twenty eight total deaths, twenty of them babies between 5-10 years old, make this the second largest school shooting in American history, second only to Virginia Tech with 32 fatalities. Our Governor, Dan Malloy said "Evil visited this community today." and President Obama said "Our hearts are broken today." My heart, thoughts, and prayers truly go out to those families who lost loved ones, and those families who's loved ones will forever be affected by such a tragedy.

What do you do when tragedy hits? Do you go home and hug your kids a little tighter than usual? Do you call your parents to tell them you love them? Do you go out and volunteer in your community or someone elses? I can tell you what I did- I let my dog sleep on the bed last night. I know this sounds silly, but to me, it made me feel like she would feel loved. We have been having a rough week in our house with the dog, between the ginormous hole that is now in my basement wall, to a trip to the vet, to changing her diet and spending some QT in her crate. I needed her to feel loved and part of the family again.

The events of yesterday made me realize that the day to day hum drum issues that go on in our lives are really so menial compared to the horrific things that other people have to endure. So, my dog is a little is only because she misses me. So, sometimes my job is stressful and least I have a job, one that I love, and job security (I hope) for as long as I want it. So, sometimes my family drives me crazy...I'm just as crazy as they are, and I think we all love each other more for it. I have an amazing family, a boyfriend who I love more than life itself, a secure job, a little house and a little pupper girl, and the best support system in my friends. I really have little to nothing to complain about.

One of my Facebook friends put up one of the most inspirational things that I read yesterday. She said: "It is my opinion that you can never say I Love You 'too much' to those you care for. Hug and kiss your loved ones, and spread kindness to those who you don't know"

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