Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good Riddance to Twenty Twelve

Looking back on 2012, I am not satisfied with the year. I didn't get where I wanted to be weight-wise (although I am proud of where I did get to, I could have pushed harder). I didn't have the year I wanted to at work (I don't have much pride here, I could have pushed harder).

Hmm, I am sensing a trend.

I have been doing a lot of reflection this year, especially in the last month or so- tt and I decided to create a list of 10 goals for ourselves for the new year. (No, we are NOT resolutioners, so don't get your panties in a bunch). These are goals that we want to be held responsible for. These are goals that we recognize that we need help with. We are sharing them later today, and I really hope this is a way for us to motivate each other to be better. I am not someone who can put my mind to something and it just happens. I am very easily distracted (like, very). I want 2013 to be the best year yet, and I want us to help each other.

The first thing I started with, was deactivating Facebook. Talk about getting distraction free! I feel liberated already (it's been an hour). We both did it because we spend entirely too much time on FB, for no real reason. I do want to focus my "online energy" on this website because I will give the sneak peak that that is one of my goals... I'm sure that you are thrilled to hear that. ;)

*Happy New Year and CHEERS to 2013*

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