Monday, January 28, 2013

The most Magical Place on Earth

Ok, if I wasn't obsessed with Disney before, I am officially now. It truly is THE most Magical Place on Earth. Me, Lindsey, and Erin spent Saturday night at Epcot and enjoyed every single solitary second of it.
Got there- started with "The Seas with Nemo & Friends" - next we continued by circling around the countries and had a few beverages (Guinness in the UK, Oktoberfest in Deutschland, and a Patron Margarita in Mexico). Um, yum. Had a few snacks (Fish & Chips in the UK, Shrimp fried rice and pot stickers in Chinatown). Um, yum. Then we got to go on some more rides: Soarin' (FAVE!), Mission Space, and of course, Spaceship Earth. Had to pass on Test Track because it was delayed due to technical issues. So so SO much fun.
In addition to Epcot, my time in Florida was spent at the Reunion Resort. Conference Thursday-Friday where we got to listen to one of the best speakers in the staffing industry, Peter Leffkowicz. He had some great insight and ideas that I am excited to implement. My fabulous team of women won "Office of the Year - Team Excellence" because we rock, and we had a ton of fun with all our favorite peeps from all over the US of A. Me and my chicks went out on the TOWN Friday night in Universal (quite the interesting experience) and then Saturday during the day we laid outside in the perfect 78° weather, got to see God in the sky, and relaxed for a hot sec.
Got back last night, after literally 5 days of no sleep, and was in bed at 8:00 pm. Halleluiah. Decided that it was time to start a serious detoxification (see, recipe page!). Worked today, left a little early due to the "impending doom" of freezing rain/sleet/snow, and am thinking 8:00 pm sounds somewhat tempting again tonight. Although, the Carrie Diaries are on, so... cya.

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