Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome to Miami

As always, please forgive me.
I have disappeared off the face of the earth over the past few weeks, and I have no excuse other than the fact that I have really been focused on work. I made the decision that this year, I am back. The sales incentive trip for 2013 is to Miami - After two wonderful years on top (Costa Rica in 2009 and Punta Cana in 2010), I missed my 2nd trip to the Dominican in 2011, and missed my shot at Aruba in 2012, so I am digging in my heels and not taking no for an answer. Miami, get ready. I'll see you in appx 1 year.
In the  meantime, we are headed to Orlando on Wednesday for our annual meeting. This is the best thing for me right now because I always come back pumped up and full of salesy, staffing-focused energy. The other good news about this trip, is that I am up for SM of the year. Not exactly sure how it happened, but I was absolutely, positively tickled PINK on Friday when the nominations came out. It kind of grounded me and made me realize that I really am good at this job.  Phew.
So what this means, my faithfuls, is that I will probably be updating this once weekly. Hopefully I'll have more than one evening to share my thoughts, but I am guessing that it will be a little harder.  I am going to be researching more about blogging, and how to "get noticed" online- so hopefully this will start to become something worth reading for people. Any advice/suggestion/ideas that you have regarding what people want to read, please let me know. I am debating on keeping it 2-parts, or combining the home page with the recipe page, and just getting more in depth with the recipes.  Let me know what you think!!

Recipe of the day:


  1. I like the two separate pages with the recipe below. Think you could try and gear some recipes for us single ladies?? I'm having a hard time finding something I can cook for just me and I love the recipes you post, I just don't want to eat it EVERY SINGLE DAY for a week.

    Either way love the posts!


  2. Any time you have a question re: blogging, feel free to shoot me an email. I really like your outlook and concept and SinS has great potential :) (BTW - love that you have a subpage for Skinny Recipes). Stay positive - you can do this!

  3. Thanks so much ladies!

    Stan- I will definitely see what I can do about single serves (or easy recipes to throw in the freezer in single serves!)

    Aly- I really appreciate your support! :)