Monday, February 11, 2013

Dreißig | A list of Thirty

By now, I'm guessing you've heard the news: New England got slammed with snow on Friday (and I mean SLAMMED). The Blizzard of 2013, aka Nemo (or Charlotte depending on who you're talking to) really came down on us hard. 2+ feet of snow in most areas, tons of damage, power outages all over the place. It's really not pretty folks. That being said, the past few days were pretty awesome and I think we really made lemons out of the lemonade and had a super successful #BlizzardBachelorette2013 for Jen.

Which leads me to today: no more snow today, but we were dished sleet/freezing rain all morning, highways shut down, and oh, I have to walk through 30" of snow to get in/out of my house. This has left me with a lot of time to think, and inspiration has struck me. This is to do primarily with Stan - we both turned "29 + 1" this year, and I think so far, having the best year yet. She showed me a link to a blog post that I really liked the concept of: Thirty Things to Apply to My Life Now That I'm Thirty. She did it too (but I haven't read it yet so that I wouldn't steal her ideas!) So, here goes nothin' ~

Now that I am thirty, I would like to...

#30 ...try to not leave the house if I am not wearing real pants
While, I could literally live my life in sweatpants, it was brought to my attention this weekend that some people don't leave the house if they're not "dressed" - and I think this is a life-altering idea. I think I would feel so pretty, all the time! Going forward, sweatpants will be for my couch only. (lucky tt)

#29 ...take better care of my dog
Poor little Cecelia, I am a horrible mother. I don't walk her, ever. I need to start taking better care of her and walking her.

#28 one thing every week for someone else
While everyone always says "it's all about Coleen," I do like to think that I put other people before me. I'm starting to think that that's not really the case. In my thirtieth year, I want to do more things for people.

#27 ...redo my kitchen instead of just saying that I want to
I have been talking about redoing my kitchen for a little while now, and yet nothing has happened yet. I think I need to make this happen, but also do it in a way that won't cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. I really want to get the house ready to put on the market so that tt and I can buy a house and start the next phase of our lives together. 

#26 ...put my house on the market
(see #27)

#25 ...start doing yoga
I have been dying to try getting myself into yoga. I need to find a place that's close, and a yoga buddy, and then I am good to go. 

#24 ...get a new tattoo
This was being discussed today with Stan. I am hopefully going to get to take her to get her first, and I will hopefully get my next (although not if tt has anything to do/say about it!). I want to get a little teeny one on the inside of my right pointer finger, and I want to get a hummingbird either on my ribs or on the back of my neck. Oh man, I want it so bad. 

#23 ...give blood
I have never given blood. I have always wanted to, but every time I had the opportunity when I was younger, I had too recently gotten a tattoo or piercing. I think this would make me feel like a better person.  (Note: #23 will have to happen prior to #24).

#22 ...acquire a taste for (good) red wine
I only have ever liked one bottle of red wine that I have tried. (Mind you, this was Skinny Girl California Red). I really am a white wine kind of girl. Pinot Grigio in particular, or Riesling. (Definitely NOT Chardonnay). I really want to get into good wine, and start drinking red. I need to keep forcing myself to drink it and try to force the taste into my taste buds. Will keep you posted on this one.

#21 ...start drinking vinegar
Now, I know this one sounds crazy. It was brought to my attention this weekend (actually, by the same girl who doesn't leave her house in sweatpants- she is full of fantastic ideas and information) that drinking apple cider vinegar is like uber good for you. There are tons of health benefits ranging from digestion, to skin/hair. I guess they do it in Asia (and let's face it- by nature Asian people are skinny, and Asian people have GREAT skin and hair- I think I'm in). She said she dilutes it in water (1 part vinegar to maybe 3 parts water) and drinks it 2x a day. Of course, I googled. There are oodles of articles and websites, it seems as if most of these so called benefits are really just claims, but I think I'm ok with that. I will see for myself.

#20 more
I bought a Kindle. Why oh why don't I use it?! Need to get on that. Recommend away, my friends! 

#19 ...start paying attention to current events
Namely, start watching the news and knowing what's going on in this world. I really am a nitwit when you get right down to it. I literally have no clue about anything, and I think that I need to. I think it will help me be a real "grown up"

#18 ...learn about politics
These two kind of go hand in hand, so yet again, I am an idiot. I do not follow politics, I did not vote in the Presidential election (sue me). I do use my better judgement on this one, though- because I am not educated I don't feel that it would be right for me to vote because someone told me who to vote for. I do, however, think that this is a pathetic excuse. I'm thirty years old for crying out loud. I need to get myself into one of those party things and actually understand

#17 ...thoroughly clean my bathrooms (from top to botton) on a weekly basis
This may sound gross, but I can't be bothered to clean my bathrooms weekly. I will give it a good once over with a Clorox wipe, but I do not get down and dirty in there. That needs to happen because it's really rather gross. 

#16 the winery tour in CT
I have only been to one of the vineyards in Connecticut, yet I've lived here for almost eight years.  (and also, see #22). 

#15 ...try to keep my hair the same color for more than 6 weeks at a time
I have this problem, that I change my hair color every time I go to the salon. (plug: best hairdresser award goes to Aly- for putting up with my indecisiveness as well as being absolutely fabulous). I want to somehow curb my fickle nature, and try to stick with one color. Brunette... maybe red. Maybe blonde. Ah!

#14 ...grow my hair out and learn how to curl it
Another issue with my hair is that I try and try to grow it out/wear it long, and then I get frustrated and chop it off. It has been short now for over a year and I am in the process of growing it out. It's working ok (luckily my hair grows super fast). And I am not capable of using a curling iron on my own hair. I want to do those beachy cool waves that everyone always wears on their super long hair. We'll see if I even make it there.

#13 ...become more responsible with my money
I consider myself a relatively responsible and mature individual. At the age of 30 I have "been there/done that" with many things. I have a career, I drive a nice car, I own my own home. That being said, I have been known to, on occasion, make frivolous purchases (ie I own two pairs of Louboutins)

#12 another pair of Louboutins

#11 harder
I work on commission. 'Nuff said.

#10 harder
When you work hard, you need to reward yourself. See #12.

#9 ...differentiate, and then perfect, my makeup looks for day/night
I love makeup. (I know, this surprises you). I have always worn really dark eye makeup (black liquid liner, variety of fab eyeshadows)- I never thought about skin color/hair color, or what even looks good with my brown eyes. I always just put makeup on and walked out the door. I want to find the right colors for me, and  have a different "look" for day/night. Maybe even try finding a lipstick shade... ooh la la!

#8 ...learn how to make sushi
Mostly, because I think it would be so fun.

#7 ...get regular massages
Yea, this needs to happen. The stress of the daily grind... oy.

#6 to a doctor about my anxiety
So, I have anxiety issues. Like, kind of hardcore. Sometimes I wonder if I should be medicated. I think that now is the time to maybe deal with that.

#5 ...make a dream board 
I made one in 2011 and it worked. 2012's didn't, unfortunately.  I need to make one for 2013/my 30th year and figure out a way to achieve each and every item.

#4 ...see my friends/family more
I love my friends and family- they are so important to me. I have spent a lot of years figuring out who is and isn't worth my time/energy and to rid my life of those who don't treat me the way I should be treated. These people should know that they made the cut, and know how much I love them. I don't see the people I love nearly often enough. And this includes tt's family because they will, after all, eventually be my family too. (I hope!)

#3 ...have dinner parties
How cool would that be?! I love to entertain, I love to cook, and I want to see my friends/family more. I feel that this is a win/win. And definitely needs to be a part of my game plan.

#2 ...become religious about moisturizer
Neither me, nor my skin is getting any younger. I need to treat it right if I want to still get carded at forty. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Stay tuned for a post about my top beauty pics!

#1 ...make sure my boyfriend feels appreciated every single day
So, I had some stuff to get through... you know, marrying the wrong guy, waking up one day and realizing it, and then needing to find the way out. Words cannot express how lucky I am to have found tt. He is so totally amazing that it's not even ok. I don't deserve him, I do nothing for him. He doesn't take my BS, he does the dishes, he sends me flowers, and he loves my dog. I need to be a better girlfriend and make sure that he knows he is loved and appreciated.

Now to continue the trip to -30 pounds.
Amen and halleluiah. We'll see if I can get there before "29 + 2"

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