Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, bunnies!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with their family! I sure did. I have taken over Easter hostess-ing, and so the royal family made the trek to my little condo today. I couldn't decide on a menu, and then one day it hit me... Easter Brunch... for Dinner! (which I later named "Brinner")

We had a wonderful meal (special thanks to my sister for all the help she provided, especially with arts and crafts!), good company and conversation, and even better- I got to debut my new sandals!!

Because it's late, and I'm fighting off a food coma, I'm going to make it quick. Instead of a "Recipe of the day" you're going to get five. The four amazingly easy brunch items I served, and dessert. Enjoy chickadees!

*WARNING* The following recipes are NOT diet friendly. 

Laugh much, cook often, and always wear stilettos
xoXO ~ Coleen

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