Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pizza Wars

There is an ongoing rivalry in New Haven, CT - who makes the best pizza ?!!! The two top players are the ever famous Pepe's and Sally's Apizza.. but the third, and not so much of a runner up, is Modern Pizza. I have a different feeling about each of these establishments, and I truly think that each one has their own flair that makes them great. If I had to choose a favorite, I would say Sally's.. but I think this is more because they have a potato pizza on the menu than anything else.

Pepe's Pizzeria | You get there and if you're lucky you can park in the little parking lot on the side, otherwise you're parking on Wooster St. You see "The Spot" which was the original, and Pepe's is to your right. You stand in line, and as you get closer, you hear the hostess shouting table numbers at people. Fast forward to the pizza. They bring it out on a huge sheet that fills almost your entire table. Pizza is great - it is pretty classic - they have all your favorite toppings available. We visited yesterday and it was actually slightly less greasy than I remembered which was even better. 

Sally's Apizza | What I remember about Sally's, was walking in and being confused. In a good way- overwhelmed by the smell, the hustle and bustle, and that moment when you realize the restaurant is "cash only". They deliver the pizzas on a big sheet as well. What I remember the most was 'Flo' sitting at the register, ringing everyone up. Flo unfortunately passed away recently, and it was a sad day in CT. 

These two are the actual two that go head to head in this "pizza war" - but tt and I have been made aware of another pizza place in New Haven called Modern. He has a friend who lives there and loves it, and one of my coworkers drives the 35 minutes for it regularly, because it is that good. 

Modern Apizza | I have not physically been to Modern, just got take out. I will say it was great pizza, but I will also say it was just plain old pizza. Other than that, I unfortunately don't have an opinion, but again I will go off of the recommendations - and hope that we make our way back down there to visit and eat in. 

If you live in CT, or have ever been to New Haven.... do you have a favorite? 

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