Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Morton's

Food: «««««
Ambiance: «««
Price: $$$$

First of all, I'd like to begin by saying the last two years have been amazing.  3/20/13 marked me and tt's two year anniversary. Not to go all water works on you, but he really is the ying to my yang. We are two peas in the proverbial pod. And he is the quiet, shy, tall dark and handsome, quick witted and amazingly sincere Prince Charming I have been looking for. Ok, that's enough of that.

This year, he actually spent our anniversary in Germany. I was so sad we were apart on such a special day, but he did manage to have these delivered to me. I suppose that makes up for it.

And then there is the dinner he took me to. Maybe it's to make up for the fact he was away. Maybe it's because he really is that good to me (which obviously he is)- either way, the dinner I had a Morton's last night was hands-down one of the best I have ever had. (And I like to think that I have had a few decent steaks... Ruth's Chris, Flemings, Mike Ditka's Steakhouse in Chicago). 

Lets discuss the meal, shall we:

To drink:
  • I went with my usual.. An extra dirty Kettle One martini, and it was made to perfection. Only thing I didn't love about the first one was that it had ice chips floating in it. #2 didn't. 
  • tt started with The Crush which was a delightful combination of Absolut Grape and Prosecco. Not sure what else was in it, I can't find it  online. It was delicious but a headache waiting to happen because it was so sweet. #2 was a Grey Goose and tonic. Gotta go with what you know, as I always say. (I don't actually always say that, I am not sure why I just said that... Oy)

To start:
  • While the options were all taste bud tempting, I chose to go with the Ahi Tuna Tower: a stack of tuna tartar, avocado, wasabi, wonton crisps. The flavors went together swimmingly (no pun intended) and it was served with extra little wonton chips for eating. While it was not the BEST tuna tartar I have ever had, I would rate it #3 of all time. (#1 goes to the restaurant at the W Hotel in Boston, #2 goes to Mistral in Boston). 
  • tt went with the prosciutto wrapped mozzarella, which was served on a bed of balsamic dressed watercress. I don't think I like watercress, but I definitely like prosciutto wrapped mozz. (this would be great on an antipast' ...)
  • We actually both went with the filet (I had 8 oz and tt had 12 oz) - I ordered medium rare, he ordered medium, however there seemed to have been some confusion in the kitchen because they flip flopped our temperatures. No worries, I offered to switch with tt but he said no. Oh, and also, added the truffle butter. THAT is what made this the best steak in life. Ohhhh Nelly. 
  • Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes: ehhhh, nothing special. Everyone said that the mashed potatoes were to die for (perhaps we should have gone with the horseradish ones...) - I actually make my mashed potatoes with sour cream, so honestly they didn't taste much different than home. Still tasty, but nothing necessarily worth the money. 
  • Sauteed Spinach and Button Mushrooms: delicious. Just the right amount of butter. Perfect spinach to mushroom ratio. Delightful. 
  • The dessert tray came around - and I had a hard time. I was torn because I almost always get Creme Brulee - but I decided to go a different route and go with the chocolate mousse, and my God was I happy I did. That concluded my meal, and I left feeling satisfied. Full, yes. Stuffed, luckily no. 
  • tt chose the carrot cake. I wish that I had my camera out for this one, it was HUGE. He probably made it through half before he was done. And by done, I mean ready to pop. Stuffed to the brim, he was. But pretty happy I think. 
All in all, I give Morton's a solid 4 stars. The inside was a little off, kind of old looking. We also sat right outside the doors to one of their separate rooms, where there was a birthday party happening (with a lot of kids) and then towards the end of the night, some sort of bachelorette party or twenty-something birthday party came in and it was very distracting. That and it is uber expensive. (steaks were $50 each - but worth every stinkin' penny). 

And that is that. No recipe of the day, chickadees. Although just WAIT til you hear what the Easter Bunny has up her sleeves for Sunday! ;)

Laugh much, cook often, and always wear stilettos
xoXO ~ Coleen

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