Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My newest love affair

I have been horrible about posting lately and I want to apologize. Last week was a rough one. And this week, I have been crazy busy. We started back on our health kick, however, so hopefully I will be coming up with some super fabulous recipes to share! (that being said, today's recipe is not one I have yet made... but one I definitely want to, stat.)

Today I want to share with my little blog world, my newest discovery. People (all seven of you...), get ready for this.... mason jars. Holy Hannah, are these things amazing. Let me tell you. I have been bringing my lunch in mason jars all week. Sunday night, made my salad- stuffed the whole thing in there (you can fit a TON in), didn't eat it on Monday due to a forgotten lunch celebration, and then had it on Tuesday. You never would have guessed it was made on Sunday due to the fact that these little babes are airtight. Items can be stacked inside, layered if you will (and they actually look pretty once they are put together). You can always tell what is in them. They are dish-washer safe and won't scratch (they will, however, break if you drop them since they are glass). Not to mention they are a complete conversation starter and you look wicked cool walking around with your lunch in mason jars. Well... at least I feel like I do.

Last night, we had a photo shoot (obvs).  Here, you can see how this could potentially make lunch exciting (both the act of making your lunch, and the fact that you brought your lunch and are not enjoying the beautifully sunny 70 degree day...)

I really am living a changed life since I made this purchase from Walmart (gross) on Sunday. tt doesn't share my enthusiasm, as he was the butt of a few jokes on Monday when he brought his into work. Poor little bugger. 

(Dedicated to.... a certain someone who loves to read this blog so very much and just couldn't wait for my post about my mason jars because she is jealous of my super fabulous lunches that I bring from home)

Recipe of the day:
Laugh much, cook often, and always wear stilettos
xoXO ~ Coleen

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