Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back to the grind..

Hellooo my pretties, I have returned. The stress of my life has taken over, but I am not letting it get me down!! I need to get better about updating, because while I have no idea why, I do find blogging to be somewhat of a stress reliever. Who needs yoga when you've got a blog!

So, happy news- wedding planning is in full swing! I truly forgot how much fun this is. While most people are lucky enough to have the first one stick, I look at it as most people are not lucky enough to get to go through the wedding planning a second time! {leave it to me to find the bright side. I'm just so lucky that the second one will stick- and the first one got me to the second one- and.. ok I'm getting sidetracked..} Anyways. We have found a venue and set a date, which is one of the most happy things and I am happy to announce that effective 8/31/14 I will be Mrs. TNT!! I can't even contain my excitement.
{I wish that everyone in my life was as excited about this as I am.. but that will be a story for another day. I have just found that through these seasons of life, you really learn a lot about people, and in many cases it is wonderful, but on the flipside, it can be really, really disappointing.}

We knew that if we wanted to get married next Aug/Sept, we needed to get a move on. We were targeting mid-Sept and so we set out to visit three venues that we had chosen {we knew we didn't want to make this decision harder on ourselves than it needed to be, so wanted to keep the options limited unless we hated all three} - luckily we only hated one of them, so we quickly scratched #2 off the list. #1 and #3 were in pretty close contention: #1 gave us the ocean,  a breath taking view, and flowers galore and #3 gave us a brand new building, tons of character, laid back atmosphere, and a beautiful greenhouse setting. Sold. Picked a date, mailed a check, and the place is ours. Now it's on to the fun stuff.

So all of this being said, it's now time to start thinking engagement photos... which means it's also time to start thinking about DIET + EXERCISE yet again. It was just about a year ago that this blog came to life, and I am unfortunately not too far off from when it all started. {it was actually after my annual trip to Maine over the 4th of July.. which we leave for this weekend- so yea, just about a year to the day} Mind you, I am much more aware of the foods that I am putting into my body, but that -17 shrunk and shrunk, and I think landed and stayed at appx -7. Whoops. tt and I have decided that enough is enough!! On paper, we are relatively healthy, with the exception of our shared love for DQ and pizza. I repeat.. enough is enough!

If I did it once, I can do it again, and I don't want to have to go whoa crazy crazy all year long. So here's to hoping. I am especially hoping that "Bridalicious Bootcamp" does what they say it does. I am excited to try it when it finally arrives {this week?!} because when I got my little email saying it was 50% off, I jumped at the chance. All the reviews are positive, they say it's amazing. I need something amazing, and fun, and not boring, to get me into exercising again.

This will all start after Maine, yet again. At least this year it won't be because I see myself in photographs and want to crawl under a rock. Next report will most likely be after the trip, so I will give you the play by play that I know you're waiting for. Smooches!

Recipe of the day
Spring Veggie + Potato Frittata
{Yuppers, you're getting two today!}

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