Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sick day

Being home sick is really like laundry. 

No really, it is. {now, if you don't know what "laundry" is like... just think about it for a second. What word in the human language would you use to describe laundry? Hm? Or, better yet, what word would the 5-year-old you use? The 5-year-old version of my little sister said it best:
The Queen says: "Erin, why aren't you putting your laundry away?" 
The mini-princess replies: "Because laundry _____s, Mum!" 

If only it were that easy. To get out of laundry, of course, but to get out of being sick? To not have to wake up and open your eyes to realize there are a million tiny daggers in your throat hole? Oh, I'd pay any amount of money. 

As you will notice from the recipe post, I have spent a good deal of time today watching TFN. I have been inspired by a few different recipe ideas that were mainly related to grilling and summertime, which is great because tt and I love grilling and summertime! It's been nice to lay low for the day- I am pumped full of Tylenol Cold and starting to feel a little better now that I'm on dose #3. I know the girls at work will be glad to hear that, because they've been running around like crazy kids dealing with stuff for me all day!! {love the teamwork we have at good ol' CFS!} As LB said to me during one of the times she called me for help: "If you've never felt needed, you know that you're needed today!" 

I'm thinking I may have to run out and get the missing ingredients to today's recipe of the day.. hm. 

Recipe of the day

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