Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday things | a flood, bridesmaids dresses, and something blue

Alternate title: Central air washed away my dreams of getting skinny (in stilettos)
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A flood
Last Saturday, all I wanted to do was sleep in. In my life, all I wanted, was to be able to keep my eyes closed until 9:30, but alas, 8:30 I hear a bellowing coming from downstairs. "Coleen?" "Coleen!! You need to come down here. We have a problem. There's a lot of water." 


So I jump out of bed, and run to the basement. And there was water everywhere. Oh, crumb. The AC was working, so this posed a lot of confusion for me. But clearly with the 95-100 degree temps we had had for over a week, something was up. Long story short, eventually we got it fixed, but it took calling two places, and then ultimately two visits. Thank God I can work from home relatively easily and at short notice. 

Biggest issue with this is that all of our junk in the basement had to be hauled out of the storage side and into the finished side!! It has taken over my workout area and I haven't been able to do my Bridealicious Bootcamp for a week!! Thankfully we should be good to go now and can move it all back over this weekend, so I can get back on track starting Monday morning at 5:30 :o)

Bridesmaids Dresses
It's a busy year of weddings next year... I haven't been in a wedding in 5 years - and now I have three including my own coming up in 2014!! 

Went bridesmaids dress shopping with LG and her MOH last night, which was so much fun. We found a few that she liked a lot, but no decisions have been made yet. It's going to be so pretty with all eight bridesmaids {yup, you read that right- eight} in black dresses offset with pink flowers. 

Can't wait to start thinking about plans for my dipsy's, too. She has already showed me a picture of high-heeled cupcakes that we need to find for her bridal shower {me and CMC's love for shoes runs through our blood}. This wedding is going to be a gorgeous fall backdrop in Lake George {ooh, fancy fancy} with very rich and elegant shades of purples and greens. I can't wait to see this place, too- it's quite exclusive. 

And last but not least, hooray! I have finalized my colors!!! I am so super duper excited to announce that my wedding colors on 8/31/14 will be Tiffany blue, gray and coral. My plan is to have my sister/MOH in a gray dress, which she has already picked out, and Tiffany blue shoes. And have all the suits charcoal gray with Tiffany blue ties. I'll put the flower girls in Tiffany blue dresses, and then have bright coral flowers to stand out. SOOO cute!! Now I just need to find my wedding gown.. because I already have my shoes and everything, which leads me to my third and final Saturday thing:

Something Blue
Drum roll please. On my wedding day, I will be walking down the aisle in my "Something Blue" ~ Hangisi by Manolo Blahnik. I have zero words for how absolutely stunning they are... I mean, what words are needed when THAT {see above} was the look on my face the moment I laid eyes on them. The satin has a sheen to it like nothing else. The sparkle of the crystal embellishment on the toe is indescribable. They even smell lavish in all their hand-made Italian leather, bougie wonder. 

I think that's the perfect note to end on. Ciao ciao ~ Baci e abbracci ~!!

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