Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY-ing, new recipes, and Johnny Depp

We are head first into our staycation kitchen "remodel" and somehow haven't killed each other yet!! We worked hard all day yesterday and this morning, and now it's Sunday breaktime: tt is off watching football for the afternoon and I am here, watching my other love Johnny Depp don black eyeliner and drink all the rum while searching for treasure. 

Biggest problem of the moment: I'm incredibly bored and all I want to do is cook! Unfortunately, that's not an option because of the current state of our kitchen: cabinet doors are removed/cabinets empty for refacing; a plastic sheet and crazy dust cover the counters and floors; the entire dining area has been cleared out, and re-filled with the doors and drawers all set up on our little painting stations. It's quite the sight. 

We are using a kit made by Rustoleum called Cabinet Transformations and it has been relatively user friendly so far, and the kit provides almost everything needed to complete this project. Literally, it gives you step by step instructions on how to do it. You have the bond coat tinted at Home Depot when you buy it {thankfully I noticed the little note on top saying to do this before we left the store...} and off you go. 

The cabinets were white to start {although, that is not the original color} and we chose to go to a dark black-brown color, similar to the furniture in our living room. So far, with the progress we've made, I'm loving the color choice! Which is a good thing, because as excited as I was to start, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't like the way the color fits into my kitchen color-scheme. I'll definitely post before and after photos when the job's complete, although I don't have original befores because I completely forgot to take them before the cabinet doors were taken off. Oops. But it already is looking completely different than before. Let's hope this doesn't make me desperate for a new countertop and/or a new kitchen table! {tt said maybe to re-doing the countertop because there is a kit for that too; but I got a big fat HELL NO to a new table. Perhaps because I won't let him get a new couch. Pish Posh. Although I suppose I do get my way 99% of the time, I guess I'll give him this one.}

So, as I was saying, all I want to do is cook. Because I'm sitting here with nothing to do, and no kitchen to experiment in, and no way to even make myself a snack, I'm on Pinterest. {Note: my sister also reminded me of the fact that the holidays are quickly approaching. This year I'm going to have to do Christmas on a budget, so since I'm in DIY mode, I figured I'd check out some ideas. I used Secret Board #3 to start pinning secret Christmas presie ideas for my friends and family. Muahahaha {although, less evil than that} I'm getting such great ideas!

Also in my Pinterest adventures this afternoon, I've been making my mouth water by looking at recipes that I've been pinning over the last few weeks. I have this problem that I almost undoubtedly "pin now, read later" and then forget about all of the things I have pinned! So I am taking this bit of free time to take it upon myself to go through them and note a few of the great ones. That being said, when I have use of my totally awesome new kitchen back, the following kitchen creations will be happening:
  • Creamy Cauliflower Sauce {just found this beauty, and can't wait to try it out on whole wheat pasta, my usual spaghetti squash, OR zucchini pasta when my new julienne peeler arrives since I'm too cheap to pay for a spiralizer}
  • Caprese Lasagna Rollups {which my sister showed me the recipe for a little while back and I have been dying to make them.. not overly diet friendly, but I don't even care because they look so good}
  • Beet sliders {featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives!! Both tt and I thought these sounded aMAZING and I was able to track down the recipe}
  • Chai Pumpkin Spice Thumbprint Cookies{Um, do these NOT look like the most perfect fall cookie?! I will try my hand at baking in order to get these in my belly}
  • Fall TABs{I have found so many yummy looking fall beverages! I can't pick just one to debut here, so I'm giving y'all the opportunity to peruse my board on Pinterest... Happy Drinking!} 
And on that note, it's time to get things picked up a bit before tt gets home and it's back to DIY-ing for me!

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