Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday funday

Sometimes, you need a day where you just get things done. Today was a day like that... kind of. The craziness of our kitchen "reno" left other areas of the house a little disastrous. And I have quickly been coming to the realization {that tt has had for quite some time already} that I am a pack rat. Actually, I'd categorize myself as a borderline hoarder. Eek. 

I told him that by the end of this weekend I would go through all the random drawers, cabinets, and shelves that held the plethora of paperwork that I refuse to throw out. You just never know do know when you'll need your utility bills from four years ago. I love my paper. Even though literally everything I could possibly need to access is available to me, I have a hard time with being paperless. I heard the words "the times are a-changing" escaping my loving fiance's lips as I placed everything into a large garbage bag. I have a stack of things to shred at the office. And it is a bittersweet feeling. 

Next up- finding a better way to organize the items that I did keep. As a homeowner, puppy mother, and bride to be, there are still a few paperwork-items that I do need to have accessible to me. I'm loving this idea from A Bowl Full of Lemons

How absolutely adorable are these binders?! I got a few boxes which will do for now - at least it gets the clutter out of my living room cabinets, and keeps tt quiet for the time being. 

Next up... 
Sunday Dinner {leftovers from the week.... 2 Weight Watchers recipes}

And for dessert....

I have a few good ones on tap for this week, too... so stay tuned! As I know you always do xoxo

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