Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday things

Sunday, lazy Sunday. If only! I have so much to do today that I am 100% procrastinating at. Although I got some laundry done, finished the STD's {save the dates for all you non-wedding oriented and somewhat confused folks}, spent an hour on the phone helping my boss figure something out, and picked up all my shoes from the living room, since tt has been bugging me for a week about them. Next up, getting myself and tt ready for the week ahead: Chili will be a'cooking, veggies will be a'chopping, salads will be a'ssembling and eggs will be a'hard-boiling. Such an exciting life I lead.

I'm pretty excited for this week, though. A lot is on tap! Dinner/drinks with my long lost friend Julianne tomorrow night; getting my hair did on Wednesday; and dinner/drinks with another long lost friend Audrey on Thursday; and  hopefully planning a date night with tt for Friday night! Woot. I am just so pretty and popular I can't even take it. {vom}

tt is off watching the football, and I really should have this stuff done when he gets home, so that is my cue to get off this laptop and get to the kitchen. My Cheater Chili is always a hit, so here's a quick link back to it... But definitely check out the ROTD- it's a great sneaky way to feel like you're eating something super carbalicious!


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