Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Leopard print nails, a fab fall outfit and another new soup

Holy Moly am I excited about my little art project from last night!! I have had zero time to go get a manicure, so I had to take matters into my own... hands. {pun intended}

I am loving the accent nail that is all over the place. I noticed a FAB mani on Pinterest that was all black nails, with a nude accent and LEOPARD PRINT! And I dug down deep into my memory and came to a realization that... "I know how to do that - and it's SO easy!!!"

So ignore the fact that I hadn't cleaned up my sad excuse for a manicure, but honestly, DIY leopard print nails are so easy to do, because you use liquid eyeliner!
  1. Choose your nail polish colors. For this example, I used China Glaze "Black Diamond" and Essie "Ladylike" with a black liquid liner. 
  2. Start off with a base coat on all of your nails {I like Sally Hansen "Hard as Wraps" Acrylic Base coat}
  3. Because darker polish takes longer to dry, I started with the darker color first, and painted the first coat of gray on all my nails, then did first coat of pink
  4. Repeat with 2nd coat on all nails
  5. To ensure that your accent nail is fully dry, I also did my top coat on the gray nails before moving onto the pattern {My FAVORITE topcoat is Cina brand that I get at Sally's Beauty Supply. Cheap cheap cheap and works like a charm, until it gets tacky, which this bottle is beginning to}
  6. Next, use black pointed tip eyeliner and draw your leopard print pattern by doing little "C" shapes next to each other. I filled in with a few dots along the edges as well. - Let dry at least 5 minutes, then use topcoat {I used "No Chip" by Sally Hansen on these, which is way shinier. I definitely need to add that to my other nails asap}
and Voila! Adorable little pattern. Note: I have also done this is the past and put little polka dots in the center of the leopard print using different colors of nail polish. Super cute. And I bet you can use the eyeliner to do dots, stripes, or anything else you'd like!! Loving it. 

And I also wanted to share my super duper fabulous fall outfit that I wore yesterday, including my new sweater from tt for my bday. Mostly because I am obsessed with the fact that I can combine color combinations that the average person a- would never even remotely think to put together and b- think know they can't pull off. #confessionsofaselfproclaimedfashionista 

From the bottom up: nude pumps {Charlotte Russe}, maroon dress pants {the Limited}, mustard cowl neck sweater {Mossimo, from Target}, black + white patterned cardi {Nordstrom Rack} ~ LOVE!

I seriously need to re-vamp my wardrobe like ASAP. So excited to have a little extra shopping money from all the royals for my birthday. I'm torn between a new bag and new clothes. Sigh... so adios until I decide.... xoxo

Recipe of the day is a Panera Swap!

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