Sunday, January 5, 2014

american hustle {3 stars}

tt and I have been trying to go see American Hustle for weeks. Finally today we made a last minute decision and caught a matinee at our favorite theater. As much as I hate when previews last a half hour, I was happy today because otherwise we would have missed the beginning of the movie! 

American Hustle (2013)

All in all, I give it three stars. And here's why... 

I have to say, I was disappointed. I knew going into it that reviews had been great, but in speaking with friends/family, it wasn't so great. My sister was spot on with what she said when she told me that the acting is phenomenal. 100% true- everyone played their parts wonderfully. Jennifer Lawrence was sassy and amazing. Amy Adams, who I don't have an opinion on usually, was stunning and completely believable. Bradley Cooper?! So hot as a good cop gone bad, especially with a perm. And I just adored Christian Bale even though he was fat and had a comb over {although his NY accent brought me back 15 years to the Newsies when I fell in love with him for the first time - the second was Little Women, third was Pocahontas, ::swoon:: the list goes on and on and on..}

The story itself is great. It's put together well, I actually didn't even guess how it would end. I do, however, have to say the execution of the story fell a little flat. It was really slow and tt pointed out at the end that it was really just talking through the entire 2 hours... there was zero action. Lame! There were plenty of opportunities for action in the form of sex and/or violence... but they left it all out. Where's the fun in that?! 

Is it worth seeing? I'd say so. Just hold your horses until it's out on demand. It's not worth the $30 it cost us. {and since I'm trying to be good, the popcorn sans butter, salt, and M&Ms was not really worth the points either! Teehee} 

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