Are you ready for some football?!!

Not exactly, not for me. I'm pretty excited about the food, though. Although it will be hectic this weekend, I can't allow for the Superbowl Super menu to suffer. And yes, it will only be me and tt, and yes we will have enough food to feed a small army. I'm 100% ok with this.

As per usual, I don't have much time- I was actually at work until 7:30pm, and came home to log on and work until now. Maybe I'll go do some yoga before I go to bed... I should shut down my computer and brain ASAP, but I wanted to get these exciting new recipes out to you, my patient and loyal readers. 

{Sidebar- have a great free yoga website if you are interested: - so far, I've only done a few but I am digging instructor Nicky's beginner vids}

Enjoy the Superbowl!! Is anything fun going on?!

recipe of the day

SkinnyMini Corndog Muffins

Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Biteswith homemade "Skinny" Blue Cheese dressing


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