Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy happy New Year!

That's right folks, twenty-thirteen has come to a close, and now it's off to the races of what twenty-fourteen will bring in this household. I hope everyone had a safe night last night. Me and tt had a great date night in, with a delicious meal that was definitely restaurant quality {yes, I will pat myself on the back for that one} 

I want to share a list of my New Years Resolutions with you. Sometimes I find if you say it out loud {or, on the internet} it helps you to better hold yourself accountable. We all know that I need as much support as I can get when it comes to these things, so here goes

Stick to the program.

WeightWatchers, that is. I tried the Simple Start 2-week program but only made it a few days. I've moved on to start tracking my points again, and am happy that I did because it keeps me accountable for every morsel of food and sip of a beverage that I put in my mouth. I want to make sure I am going through this year as healthily as I can, because there are so many events that will challenge a diet, but equally as many events that I'd prefer to look my best at. {Are you noticing the trend?! Accountability is my new favorite/least-favorite word}

Document life's moments.

And by that I don't mean just take more pictures, because I'm pretty sure I take plenty of those {including an embarrassing number of selfies} but I want to start documenting LIFE. I always say that as I'm putting together these posts that I "forgot" to take pictures as I'm cooking... that's coming to an end. I am so excited that I remembered to take pictures along the way last night, because the pictures came out amazing, because the food was so pretty! 

Be a good wife.

Clearly I'm not a wifey just yet, but will become one in eight short months.

I want to be a good wife! I don't want to be the wife that tt goes off and complains about when he's hanging around with his buddies. I want to learn to let things go and not be as moody and demanding. I want to go do things with him and have adventures. I want to make him a fancy dinner more than just on holidays, to be enjoyed at the table rather than being rushed through sitting in front of the tv. 

I want to make sure that I am being all that I can be, and truly providing a partner in life for him. I want to keep up with the responsibilities that come with being in a relationship and holding up my end of the bargain. I want to make sure I am helping him be all that he can be too. Ok I'm getting too sappy now, so this one's done.

Give closer to 100%

At work, I am all about lists. I make a list to remember to make a list. This year, I want to improve upon the way that I keep up with the ever-changing desk that I run. Time Management is one of my biggest struggles, as well as keeping myself on track and focused. Obviously I work hard... I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't. But I definitely don't work as hard as I could. I'd like to get closer to 100% so that I can continue to grow and do well at work.. which I suppose can be true in my personal life as well. Goodbye laziness!

Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone on the world wide web for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014! 

Spend as much time with your loved ones as you can and make sure to visit Skinny in Stilettos regularly for a little entertainment and fabulous healthy meal ideas! xoxo Coleen

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