Friday, March 21, 2014

Bottle of red? Bottle of White?

How about both?! 

Is that bad? I 100% went to the liquor store on my way home... and I 100% bought four bottles of wine. Uh Yi Yi. I opened a bottle of red, and I'm so very happy about it. TGIF doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now. 

I haven't worked a week like that in a long time. I didn't have time to eat. Which was quite unfortunate, because I'm thoroughly enjoying my Paleo diet. But seriously. I'm not even kidding. I didn't work less than 11 hours any day this week, and I think through the entire week I ate maybe four actual meals? It was sad. And frustrating. And downright exhausting. I literally didn't eat lunch most days because I didn't have time to stop. I kept myself going with Earl Grey and cashews. One day, I walked as fast as my stiletto heels would let me walk over to Robek's {deeelightful smoothie treats!} which is just down the street. I couldn't get myself the extra 2 blocks to Whole Foods for a salad. I ordered a dairy free Tropikale smoothie with a shot of soy protein. I got a large. It weight 5 lbs, wasn't totally Paleo, and cost me almost $10. It was delicious and worth it and actually gave me enough energy to make it through the day. 

In my line of work, busy is good. All of this insanity = money, and hopefully lots of it. I mean, we do have a wedding to pay for and all. But I also have a blog to keep up with! And a serious diet. And I'm in two other weddings this year. And I'd like to have a little life, and maybe be able to eat/sleep? It's hard to do all these things when also playing super recruiter. And yet... I love playing super recruiter! I got more done this week than I probably have in a month. I'd like some reprieve, but I also hope next week is just like this one!

I promise I will try to spend some more time here. I have a recipe from last week {sweet potato hash} that I need to get up, and lots of new recipes to try. 

Happy Weekending, my pretties!

Recipe of the day

Paleo Pad Thai

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