Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stress.. it's a keeler, sir.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and in anticipation, I thought I would post a little post before my weekly weigh in goes up tomorrow AM {that is yet again, the only time I actually post- although I did post the deeeeelicious Easter Dessert recipe the other day!} 

Ok ok, y'all know I'm busy. I'm not going to bore you with the gory details of my never-ending-stressful life that consists solely of work and wedding plans. You know the drill, you get the picture. It's amazing that tt even wants to marry me these days, I'm such a horrible witch all the time. I'm worn down to the point where I think I'm getting sick. It could be allergies, it could be sickness, I don't know but either way I feel like garbage and am headachey and congested 24/7. Maybe it's the booze. But more than likely, it's the stress. It's a killer.

{not the part I wanted, but will do the trick
I just hope my sister sees this for the appreciation factor only she could have}

I still have managed to cook up some awesome dinners. My newest fave, though, is for lunch. That's right, lunch. It has flavors that make my tastebuds sing. It has healthy fat, it has protein galore AND the presentation is just adorbs. #checkitout

Recipe of the day

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