Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday weekly weigh in

Ok now it's time to get for serious. Last week after my gain, I was happy that it all evened out (and went down) as the days went on. Unfortunately, it didn't help me through the weekend because I'm back to where I started. Last week...! Not the actual beginning eek!

I blame it on the al-al-alco-alcohol. 
(Red wine to be specific. It was a stressful weekend. It's been a stressful week. I like wine.)

I had intended to start a Tue/Thu/Sat exercise regimen but with the amount I have been working and then the issues we have been having with the cable and internet that didn't start yesterday. Or today. There's always tomorrow- but it's the horrifying reality that I HAVE to work out in the morning. Which is what makes me hate it so. 

Will keep you updated Obvi. 
But this bridesmaid/bride/moh needs to get herself into shape...and fast. 

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