Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This I promise you

Hello my party peeps- 

Wedding countdown is T-25 days... EEEK!! Got our marriage license today. SO exciting. Finalizing flowers, music, everything. tt's bachelor party is this weekend, my bachelorette is next. Then it's really really countdown time. 

The good news is, because it's getting close, I'm testing out new Paleo-friendly recipes, and want to share with you. When? No idea. For now, you can find one of them over on paleOMG's blog: Sausage Egg Cups. Made these for a mid-morning snack and fell in love. I also had two of them for dinner last night. The avocado is a necessity. Sprinkle a little sea salt over the whole thing, and dig in. 

I need to write up another one that I made - Shrimp and Sweet Corn Gazpacho. Ummmmm yea. That one you'll just have to wait for. 

I prom-prom-promise to be better after this whirlwind is over. 

xs & os

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