Sunday, October 19, 2014


I have such a love/hate relationship with Sundays. Sunday is the day I plan all my meals for the week, which is always such an exciting activity. Sunday is also the day that I usually get to make the first dinner of the week, after eating out for a lot of the weekend. Sunday is also a day full of football. I personally could care less, but assuming things go well with whatever Fantasy Football players are doing their thing, the hubbs is happy on Sundays.

On the flip side, Sunday ends the weekend, and that is really a drag.

Either way, we had a nice relaxing weekend. Didn't really do much of anything, but that was ok since this week was crazy for him, working super late every night. I had an ok week, but a work event on Thursday night really kicked my butt, so I needed some quiet time. Got ourselves in order for the week, and I'm ready to start getting back on track!

Here's what's on the menu this week:
  • Breakfast: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology {Chocolate Almond Milk, natural almond or peanut butter, and frozen bananas}
  • Lunch: Zucchini Stew {minus the potatoes} and/or leftover chili since I made that tonight
  • Dinner:
  1. Cajun Shrimp "noodle" bowls
  2. Pork and Sage Stuffed Apples
  3. Steaks with Rosemary roasted beets and carrots
Can't wait to share some of these new Paleo recipes with you!! Check out my very non-paleo experiment from yesterday, below! {Also, let me know what you think of the new page... I think I used to have this background and am not sure why I let her go. I think this is perfectly sassy and of course showing stilettos!} xo

Recipe of the Day

Banana Bread

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