Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep

Lately, I have felt like absolute garbage. Garbage if you will. I've been eating like crap, drinking like a fish, and not paying attention to anything except work work and more work. I've been overly anxious, overly drugged, and overly bloated. I have had a headache 22/24 hours every day and when my head hits the pillow I literally pass out. Just to wake up 500x overnight, finally settle back in around 4am, just for my alarm to start going off at 5:30.

Snooze. Sleep. BEEP (in the form of "waves" on my iPhone) 5:39
Snooze. Sleep. BEEP  5:48
Snooze. Sleep. BEEP 5:57

 ... ok I'm guessing you get the picture. 

And believe me- this is conservative. This cycle can go on and on and on {luckily, hubbs gets up at some point in between. He probably just gives up on me actually getting up and into the shower.  The poor dude probably gets zero sleep past 5:30am} 

Now, Can you guess WHY this is happening to me? WHY do I feel like crap all the time?? 

I have a few ideas.... 

Stress. Sugar... the S's are killing me. Earth to Coleen- your body is trying to tell you something. Whether I'm gorging on candy stolen from the candy jar at work, or I'm grabbing a quick sub for dinner because both tt and I are home late, the pesky sugar has snuck it's way back into my day, and it's killing me. 

But wait! 

There's good news. 

Clean eating to the rescue!

Now, to make a plan. This weekend, I am committed to getting my thoughts in order, a plan in place. Meals planned, shopping done, food prepped. #noexcuses 

The next time you hear from me, I will be one step closer to healthy. Feeling great about myself. Knowing, and being happy about what I'm putting into my body. And headache/stomachache free! 


In the meantime, check out this new blog I found, and this recipe that looks deeeelish.

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