Monday, February 2, 2015

The one with the anxiety + warm milk

So if you know me at all, you know that...

You're like OMG Coleen, stop. Don't you just hate when I start a post with that? But you know what? I don't care.

If you know me at all, you know that I have horrible anxiety. Well, not horrible in comparison to horrible cases floating around the rest of the world I am sure, but pretty horrible in my head. Enough to make me hate pumping gas, to freak out if I don't have directions, and to need a list for every aspect of my life. Also, lately, it has been keeping me up at night. I have been super anxious about a lot of things that have changed recently, and need something to help me sleep.

They say to turn off electronics 1 hour before bedtime. I've tried, but failed. I downloaded an app that gives a little background noise, that helps. I have stopped watching creepy TV shows too late so that my heart isn't racing when I go to bed. Regardless, it hasn't been enough!

While I realized I get a great night's sleep after drinking a few glasses of wine, I thought that might not be the healthiest solution {physically, or mentally... ahem, alcoholism}

I found a recipe for a warm milk drink that sounded like a hug in a mug, and sure enough... it was!

Trouble sleeping? Click here for the recipe for Warm Spiced Milk.
Sounds so cliche, but it works!! and is yummy. 

Recipe of the day

plus....  * BONUS RECIPE *

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