Sunday, September 13, 2015

#FitforFall #CharityChallenge #CharityMiles

Hello my long lost friends of the interwebs. As always, I will announce my return. I'm baaaack! 


I'm really bad at this. 

That being said, though, I have jumped on board with a new fitness/health challenge, and so I want to track my progress HERE, for all of you {although, my guess, is that I have lost my avid following} and am going to work on my health and happiness, all for a CAUSE. 

K+K at Tone it Up {@ToneitUp #ToneitUp #TIUteam} are partnering with Charity Miles for their newest challenge! Fit for Fall will consist of daily workouts, but will also include a 100 mile challenge - raising money for charity

If you know me, you know that currently there's some stuff going on in both my personal life as well as my family life. This really challenge really couldn't have come at a better time for so many reasons. Ultimately, I will be using this 8-week challenge as a transformation for myself, and I am viewing the link to charity as a sign that it's time. The app works with sponsors to raise money for charities, and each mile you log raises money for charity. What?! Yes. I can't make this up. In addition to that, K+K are choosing weekly winners based on your check ins, and will be donating additional dollars to your chosen charity. I will be running my #CharityChallenge 100 miles for ALZ.

{Note: if you want to do a challenge like this one either through TIU or even just for yourself, on your own, these miles are NOT just running! Lots of things count towards your miles, ask me in the comments if you're interested in learning more!}

Follow along with me on Instagram @coleentrombley and check in here, as I will be posting updates on my progress. This is an 8-week program, but TIU is really a community that I'm so excited to be a part of for the long haul. These two women are super inspirational, and really know what they're doing. I love that they have heart, too. 

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