Sunday, October 30, 2016

Anxiety, The Princess Bride, and Positive Affrmations

With all that has been going on in my life, my anxiety levels have actually been at a major maximum lately. I think its mostly work and the house, but I need some reprieve that doesnt involve me having to rely on the two Rx I have. I like having them in case of emergency, but I really want to find an alternative way to manage this, since it is pretty much a way of life for me, with no real rhyme or reason as to why, and with no end in sight.

Recently I stumbled upon a blog run by a fitness and wellness coach for women. The post that popped up {a page I follow on FB Girls Gone Strong, had liked it which streamed to my newsfeed} intrigued me. When it comes to blogging, its all about the title. You need to capture your audience in that moment in order to steer them towards your little slice of the web {I really need to get better at this game} and so when I noticed a title that was a quote from my favorite movie of all time, I clicked on it automatically without even reading what the post was about. Girl am I glad I did.

This link led me to a woman named Neghar Fonooni. She is a coach, mentor, personal trainer, and focuses her efforts on women.  What really got me after I clicked on the link to this particular blog post, was that without even knowing it, I was stumbling upon something I needed. The post was about journaling, which again I didn't even kno when I saw the word "Vizzini" and autopilot made me click there. She speaks about the benefits that putting your thoughts and feelings and emotions on paper can provide you; she speaks about self awareness, and that sometimes its not easy. Not exactly the type of blog I would normally follow or read and definitely not what I expected after clicking on the link, but really it made sense. It spoke to me in a way that doesnt happen often. Vizzini said go back to the beginning... so go back to the beginning we go.

Ultimately, as I read more and took what I needed from her words, I realized that I was reading a routine about calming yourself down, creating more productivity, and lessening feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious. Um- my life.

Long story short, I have a plan that will be a new morning routine that will hopefully do the above.

  1. Wake up and drink my ACV tonic {I will need to wake approximately 20 minutes earlier going forward to allow for my new morning routine}
  2. Journal/check-in {I am using the format that Neghar suggests, but will tweak accordingly if needed. This includes physical and emotional check in, actions related to those, intentions, and gratitude}
  3. AM Yoga routine {and/or breathing exercises, and/or meditation}
  4. Shower and pretty
  5. Begin each day with a purpose: I am going to have a weekly mantra/positive affirmation that I remind myself of every morning. 

This journal will include raw feelings. It will be hard to get onto paper and to share it even if only with myself. I will share my progress with you all, and from time to time pieces of the journey. My first affirmation will be: Interrupt anxiety with gratitude. Which I will remind myself of each day this week.

What do you do to keep your inner self at peace? Do you struggle with anxiety? Lets try this together!

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