Thursday, October 20, 2016

fall, construction + a new routine

My friends, I return. Again. Hopefully this time for good. I've missed you and I've missed this little slice of the www. 

It has been too long for me to try to recap my life over the last {year?} and really, I know you're just wanting a new recipe. 

Let's start fresh. It's 2016. It's fall. It's #allpumpkinerrythang. I am here, healthier, and happy about it.

Fall in New England: I don't know where it is that you call home, but in my little tiny state, fall is really the best. I had a girlfriend relocate to the south and as much as I have always dreamed about moving out of this area, I would miss the changing of the seasons, especially summer into fall. Leaf peeping, beer/food festivals, tailgating at college football games. Flannel shirts, boots and leggings, and PSLs. Chili! It's really the best.

Construction: So speaking of not moving south... we aren't. Because....... it's official! Lot #75 is officially our little piece of this earth. Stay tuned for progress updates on that, as I likely won't be boring the FB world with them. But at least I know if you read this you may care a little more than the casual news feed skim.☺ We break ground hopefully within a week and in six short months we will have a home to call our very own. Squeeeee I am so excited.

A NEW-ish Routine: since February, I have started a new fitness journey. I joined a gym! I know- I still barely believe it either. But I love it. The coaches are amazing, they know their stuff. They push just enough and know how to motivate people to be their best selves. With their help, I successfully lost 19 lbs in 5 months, I feel stronger, I look leaner. The feeling is really indescribable. I have been weighing myself but the real progress is in the pictures I am using to track. Eventually I will share them with the world, but I'm not ready for that yet. I started at my heaviest and those pictures are pretty personal to me.

The last two months have been pretty hectic for me, and I haven't gotten there nearly as much as I would like, and I can feel it. I'm antsy. I can't sleep. I feel "soft" and I don't like it. They run 5 week sessions: 4 weeks on, all the same classes with progressing intensity, and then 1 week "off" for recovery, where they run workshops and stretching classes. This is recovery week, which I unfortunately had little to recover from. I am so excited to get back there on Monday and get back to what I have set out to do! I don't really have a goal weight, but I know that if I go regularly and stay on track with my eating habits, I will be successful.

This little bloggy blog will help with my accountability. I'm so happy for your continued support. Any questions/comments/suggestions/complaints, comment below! Muah!


Spaghetti Squash with Pumpkin Marinara

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