Thursday, August 29, 2019

90 Day Challenge - Part B

Okay, so I promised I would be back with more than just a brief outline. I want to be completely transparent with whoever wants to follow along, so I am including all of my plans, rules, etc. here. 

Here is the plan I intend to follow for the next 90 days: 
  • Goals: 
    • To lose 15-20 pounds of body fat. 
    • To increase strength and mobility, muscle definition. 
    • To improve overall health and well being. 
  • Diet: I will practice Intermittent Fasting and am taking a Paleo-ish approach to my diet, as this has worked the best for me overall in the past. I will still be tracking macros so that I can report back to my trainer that I'm eating enough and not starving myself, and I want to make sure I am balancing everything out in my diet also. 
    • For IF: eating my last meal at 6:30/7:00p - Breaking my fast at around 10:00a 
    • Diet will includes no gluten with the exception of sprouted Ezekial bread
    • Limited dairy {cottage cheese, greek yogurt for protein sources}, some cheese in moderation
    • I will likely lower my carb intake a little, and focus also on increasing fiber intake 
    • Replace coffee with green tea
    • Avoid processed food, avoid "diet/low fat" items, avoid sugar/artificial sweeteners
    • Limit alcohol only to pre-planned cheat meals and it will be red wine only, no more than 3 glasses
    • Pre-plan cheat meals, add in +1 cardio per cheat meal {I can't stress enough that I am going into this with literally a calendar printed out and writing in the days that I have things I can't avoid or know that I will want to indulge. I don't want to feel trapped in this challenge, so will allow for these days, such as our anniversary dinner and Thanksgiving. I will work HARD to still make as good of food choices as possible} 

  • Water intake: 75 oz daily at a minimum.
  • Exercise commitment: 
    • Strength: 6x/week 
    • Cardio: 4x/week 
    • Commit to +1 cardio per pre-planned cheat meal 

  • Tracking: 
    • I will track my food, workouts and overall feelings daily. I will keep a food log. I am undecided if I will blog daily or weekly. 
    • I will monitor my weight, BF% and BMI weekly, and do measurements and progress photos every 30 days. 
  • Changes/commitments that I need to make to be successful in achieving my goals (daily/weekly):
    • I sleep, a lot- so I want to focus on 8 hours a night, or at least figuring out what my body NEEDS. Because right now, if you ask her, she'll say like 10. 
    • I need to wake up early to work out in the AM if I am going to be working out twice a day. With this, I want to wake up and start journaling again, stretch out, and set my intention for the day before I do my morning workout. 
    • I will fill up three water bottles each night. I have two 32oz Nalgene water bottles, and another ~20oz bottle. This will help me to track my water intake for the day, as I will need to finish all three before the day is over! 
    • I want to come up with some new recipe content! I haven't blogged in about three years or so, and used to love it so much. Coming up with new recipes to share was something that made me so happy. I am hoping through this journey I can break out some of the old ones, and create some new things in the kitchen also! {I'm also working on my photography, which is a story for another day since I have approximately zero food photos because they were always terrible!}
  • Rewards: I decided against rewarding myself as this can get out of control very quickly. I will come up with something when the challenge is over to reward myself for sticking to it!
  • Other: Make time for other things- blogging about things other than just this! Working on a few ventures I have going on in the background. While this challenge will be adding additional workout commitments to my plate, I am hoping it also adds energy to accomplish more than just my health and fitness goals! 

So there you have it. I have a few days left to iron out a few other details, but this is it. This is what I am going to do, and I am so excited to see where the next 90 days takes me. 

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