My Favorite Things

Do you remember me mentioning a personal fave that you said to yourself "self, I totes need to check that out" and then never did? And now you can't for the life of you remember when the posting was from or what it was that I told you about? Here's the solution to your problem. A categorized list of all of my must haves! #yourewelcome


Have you jumped on this bandwagon yet? If not, you are missing out. You answer questions related to your sense of style, can link to your Pinterest fashion boards, and have a personal stylist hand selects pieces especially for you! So far, I've gotten two boxes and they have been spot on! All-in on average, the five pieces in a box are approximately $200 in total, but it is totally worth it!

I almost always have a cami under my clothes. I don't feel dressed without one and I have been wearing these tanks since I can remember. I have tried to go the inexpensive route (think: Target, Kohls) and always come back to these. They are worth the extra money! 

Love that they offer a "try before you buy" so you can be positive the fit is perfect, AND they offer half sizes. It is a known fact that most women are not wearing the correct bra size! Are you?? 
This bra is super comfy. I am about to order a new one, because I have been losing weight and think I have gone down 1/2 cup size! I will probably get multiple styles this time around- you save $$ the more you buy! So I will update with fit/etc of other styles.
My only complaint is that I like a little more padding than the memory foam provides. 

Beauty: Hair/Makeup & Skincare

You guys. I am obsessed with this product line. I am digging their makeup. 
Makeup: Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti Aging Concealer (Medium)
Your Skin but better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder (Medium)

I have been wearing this highlighter since college (...yikes!) and while it is no longer something I wear every day, I always have it in my makeup bag.

I only wash my hair  1-2x per week, and go through a LOT of dry shampoo! I actually prefer to let it marinate! I spray it at night so that it works-in while I sleep, and I am not left with white residue.
I definitely prefer this product over any others I have tried, including the more expensive trendy brands... and even better, this is only a few bucks!

I am always changing it up, but my current favorite scents are Bare and Wild. 
Bare has mild floral notes, a spritz of citrus, bright leafy greens and a hint of vanilla.
Super clean smelling and not overpowering. I would wear this one during the day if I needed to. 

Wild's cocoa, golden amber and vanilla are warmed up with hints of patchouli leaves.
Would wear this on date night- but would def overpower perfume so I would have a hard time deciding which to go with! 

If you ever need a pick me up- refreshes makeup in a spritz. I've relied on this for a while, now, and it will always be on my "must haves" list!

Exfoliate. Mix with a regular lotion. Apply as evenly as you can, avoiding knees and elbows. Get tan!
Also love the color from their clear tanning water mousse, but can't quite get it right

I can't say enough about this hidden gem. I  usually use it over my 1st coat of polish, do a 2nd coat, and use Essie Gel top coat last. Mani will last for a full week, even through washing a million baby bottles!

If you like a pinky red that is good for any skin tone and any time of year, then THIS is the color for you. I rarely request the same color for mani and pedi but I can't get enough of this color! 

Health & Wellness

I wasn't sure if I should include this in the Beauty section or Health & Wellness because it really is for both. And cooking. I have a big ol' tub of this on my vanity sink and use it to wash my face. 

Does it seem and sound counter-productive to wash with oil? Yes. 
Was I completely a changed woman when I gave in and tried it? 100%
I have had very ...difficult... skin since giving birth and I will tell you, this little mini facial I give myself every night using coconut oil is the only thing that has saved me. I will do a post on this soon and give you all the deets. Can't wait? Drop me a line.

Good for your gut, good for your soul. 
ïA new favorite is Fire Cider ~ Try if you dare!ð
I drink the unsweetened version because I'm crazy like that. If you want a refreshing little tonic with added health benefits, throw it into a cup of Emergen-C 

So good for your hair/skin. So good for your insides. A quick and easy way to get a little protein boost as well. I take every morning in my coffee, but you can enjoy in a cold beverage as well! I can't go a day without it!

I will do a post about fiber soon, but really, you can't get too much. 

I will do a post on IF soon, also. As with everything, you will find a lot of contradicting research on the benefits of IF. I practice IF and have really seen a huge amount of benefit.

Forever will be my "go to" for any ailment. Headache, heartburn, upset stomach. It cures everything.


Just. Move. Your. Body. 
Every day. for at least 30 minutes. Your future self will thank you.

Food & Beverage

Move over La Croix! There's a new Sheriff in town and I'm here for it!  I am literally obsessed with every single flavor of this delightfully refreshing beverage! 
Favorites: Orange, Orange Mango, Black Cherry, Grapefruit
La Croix Favorites: Coconut, Key Lime

Pregnancy & Motherhood

The little princess was and IS obsessed with these blankies (still, at almost two!). It was great for her as a newborn to swaddle, then she always had to have one with her. Now, she likes to snuggle with them and they go to bed with her every night. Thankfully, she doesn't play favorites and will take ANY two of them.

THIS will be the one thing I tell any new mom to get. We have been blessed with quite a good sleeper but I will say that whenever she would get fussy when she was teeny tiny, this would put her right back down. It has a noise sensor so it turns on in the middle of the night if the baby stirs. I will also note that it went away for a while, but recently she was able to detach her music playing mobile from her crib, so we brought this little guy back out. It also projects stars on the ceiling, so she's digging that right now. 

My father in law gets me these candies- they are spicy and gingery and delish! Little did I know how handy they would come in for morning sickness!

Super comfy underoos for post partum, especially for c-section mamas. 
They are high rise and oh so soft. They even have a little lace on them so you don't feel like a total frump. 
Because we're friends, I know you wouldn't judge me if I said I still wear them occasionally.